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About Viro


In 1971, Enviromatic Corporation of America® (Viro) began with the idea that cleaning and servicing grease exhaust systems should be done to the highest and most exacting industry standards.

Today, Enviromatic has gone further than any other company with our Roto-Steamcleaning and Powerwashing® division and world-renowned Envirospection® Nationwide Inspection Program, the innovative and groundbreaking, completed job picture programs... We just don't say it's clean, We prove it! The Enviroleaktest program for water leak testing grease exhaust vent systems is another example of our commitment to setting the quality standards for the industry.

Enviromatic Corporation provides the highest quality kitchen exhaust system cleaning, services, products, and consulting. We handle almost all aspects of the grease exhaust systems from assisting design, providing parts, leak testing the ductwork during construction, providing rooftop containment systems, inspecting and monitoring the cleanings outside of our service area, assisting with contracts and kitchen exhaust cleaning programs, providing kitchen exhaust training for end users and AHJ’s, along with our core work of cleaning and maintaining the exhaust systems. In addition to setting the industries highest quality standards, Enviromatic is also the leading innovator in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry with many current industry standard programs either started or perfected by Enviromatic staff over the past 43 years.

With its strong foundation in Minneapolis, MN, Enviromatic began to expand in the 90's with the 1995 acquisition of the Blower Balancing and Repair Company and the opening of the Des Moines, St. Louis and Kansas City branches. In 2003, the acquisition of Majestic Cleaning of Rockford, IL extended Enviromatic eastward and led to additional shops being opened in:

     Houston, Texas
     Chicago, Illinois
     Dallas, Texas
     Denver, Colorado
     Atlanta, Georgia
     Columbus, Ohio
     Des Moines
     Kansas City, Missouri
     St Louis, Missouri
     Orlando, Florida

Viro continues to break new ground in the kitchen grease exhaust field with the development of the Viroguard® Rooftop Grease Retention System, our Chemical Division, Parts Division, and Roto-Steamcleaning and Powerwashing and most recently, the Envirospection grease exhaust system inspection program.

Enviromatic Roto-steamcleaning® and Powerwashing division services kitchen hoods and grease exhaust vent systems in a 28-state area: MN, ND, SD, WI, IA, MI, IL, MO, KS, NE, FL, CO, IN, AR, OK, TX, MS, OH, KY, TN, GA, AL, LA, NC, SC, VA, PA, WY

Envirospection® and Enviroleaktest services, Viroguard® UL listed rooftop grease containment systems, Virospec parts, and Virochem Chemicals are available nationwide.

Who's Who:

Enviromatic is a family-led corporation whose 4 top management team members have a combined 146 years of grease exhaust vent cleaning experience.

Owner and CEO Larry Pfleiderer purchased Enviromatic in 1973. A leader far ahead of his time in the industry, Larry's original innovations in cleaning, customer service, scheduling, quality control procedures, and designs are the foundation for the equipment and management that Enviromatic uses today and have become industry standards for cleaning grease exhaust vent systems.

Company President Don Pfleiderer began in 1974. Don is directly involved in the management of the company, leading Enviromatic into the future. He prides himself on knowing and interacting with the customers directly and is intimately involved in customer service, consulting, and hospitality/restaurant association duties. Don also does nationwide training seminars for various restaurant associations, restaurant management teams and fire inspectors including the Minnesota building code official annual conference. His accomplishments include the development and patent of the world-renowned "Viroguard" grease containment system and the development and implementation of the Envirospection Nationwide Inspection program for grease exhaust systems. Don is also a member of the IKECA Standards Development Committee Consensus Body for developing new ANSI standards for kitchen hoods and grease exhaust vent systems. In 2012, Don was elected to the IKECA Board of Directors, tenure began in March of 2013.

Find out more about Don's Training Seminars ...       Seminars

Operations Manager Mike Gronlund joined the team in 1980. In addition to many years of managing the kitchen exhaust cleaning operations nationwide," Mike (CECS, CESI) is an IKECA certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist and Certified Exhaust System Inspector, including an OSHA guideline and enforcement specialist. He also sits on the IKECA Certification Committee. Plus, Mike has written articles that have been published in the IKECA Magazine. The mid 80's brought Parts and Maintenance Manager Dave Pfleiderer, joining in 1985, National Customer Service Manager Tim Smith (CECS, CESI), in 1987 (celebrating his 25th anniversary with Viro in 2012), Mpls. supervisor James Bailey (CECS) in 1992 (celebrating his 23rd anniversary with Viro). Ken Lee,Senior Crew Chief retired October 2016 after having served Viro for 21 years.

Blower Balancing and Repair General Manager Lee Gute came on board in 1995 with the acquisition of BBR.

Mpls. supervisor Nick Ascensio came on board in 1997 with 2016 being his 19th Viro anniversary. With our expansion into additional states, Viro added Midwest Regional Manager Steve Garkinos (CESC, CESI) to the team in 2007. Based out of the Chicago (Lombard) regional office, Steve brought with him many years of restaurant and facilities management. Steve supervises seven midwest states ranging from Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Western Pennsylvania. The expansion has brought more recent additions, including: Colorado National training supervisor and lead certified inspector, Joe Houston (CECS, CESI) working out of the Denver regional office; Southeast Area manager, Greg Smith (CECS) running out of the Atlanta regional office in charge of the Southeast Region of AL, FL, MS, TN, GA, SC, NC, and VA; and Texas Area Manager, Matthew Luther (CECS, CESI), working out of the Houston Regional office in charge of the Mid South region (TX, LA, OK, AR). Bryan Laducer started in 2005 and is celebrating his 10th Viro anniversary. He is the Florida Area Supervisor working out of our Orlando shop. Chris Vargas, our KC shop manager started in 2003 and is celebrating his 12th year at Viro. Senior crew chiefs with 10 years+ experience: Tony Carlson (20 years), Pedro Torres (15 years), Arturo Rodriquez (15 years), Alexander Peschard (12 years), Leng Vang (11 years).

For all your hood cleaning needs.

Hood Cleaning Services: In keeping with our exclusive "Roto-Steamcleaning and Powerwashing®" methods and specifications,"Viro designs and builds most of its own quiet, state of the art, and environmentally safe, cleaning equipment to proprietary standards that are unequalled in the industry leaving grease exhaust system spotlessly clean.

Viro crews are some of the most highly trained in the industry with many of the senior crew chiefs and supervisors having more than 10 years and at least 3000+ jobs of experience. Viro requires all cleaning crews to take a detailed series of digital pictures of every exhaust system at the completion of each cleaning that shows that the system is completely free of grease.

Blower Balancing and Repair: For all of your kitchen exhaust system repairs along with commercial and industrial vibration analyzing needs, contact our "Blower Balancing and Repair" division. The "Blower Balancing and Repair" division has over 20 years experience servicing and specializing in fans and blowers throughout all industries. The Division Manager, Lee Gute and his staff can handle almost any fan balancing, fan repair, and predictive maintenance needs!

Envirospection®: If you need expert inspections, join the exclusive Envirospection® KEC National Inspection Program. We can review pictures from your KEC at your discretion with staff unmatched in picture review experience.

Enviroleaktest: A nationwide program for water leak testing grease exhaust vent systems, creating quality standards for the industry.

ViroGuard®: Our patented ViroGuard system makes the old absorbent pad systems on the roof obsolete. The ViroGuard also catches the wash water from cleanings in addition to the leakage between cleanings with our exclusive rain shield to prevent overflowing of the ViroGuard system.

VIROCHEM®: If you need specialized cleaning degreasers for your kitchen and wash down hoods, along with custom stainless steel polishes, see our "VIROCHEM" product line.

VIROSPEC®: Our parts division is ready to serve both restaurant's and cleaning contractor's needs with our full lines of duct cleaners, car wash parts, turbo cleaners, fan hinges, access plates, high pressure spray nozzles and parts, compressed air sprayers (Hudson style pump up sprayers), etc. Our custom line of regular and full surround fan hinges for power roof ventilators (standard fans found on kitchen exhaust systems), UL-listed access plates from both Ductmate and Flameguard along with custom Hinged access plates for grease exhaust vents. Custom extension stacks for fans, Pads and parts for rooftop grease retention devises, Mosmatic duct cleaners, turbo cleaners, car wash parts, Spraying system nozzles, Chapin sprayers, and much more can be found under our "VIROSPEC" line of products.

ROTO-STEAMCLEANING®: If you own or operate a restaurant or food service operation, our "ROTO-STEAMCLEANING" division is what you need to get your hoods and grease exhaust vent systems grease free and up to safety and NFPA96 standards. The "ROTO-STEAMCLEANING" division has over 42 years experience in quality hood and duct cleaning with the senior management staff totaling over 156 years total (averaging more than 25 years apiece).

For other service needs, see our list of high quality recommended contractors. They are experienced companies that have passed Enviromatic's rigorous inspection program and have shown a high commitment to quality and customer service.



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