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VIROCHEM LS-600 Colloidal Degreaser

  • LS-600 is an economical kitchen water-wash hood degreaser
    Must mix 1 part water to 1 part super-concentrate- goes twice as far!! Super safe for cooking areas in case of spills!! Helps keep soap pumps lubricated and working efficiently, safe for lines. INCLUDES - Lifetime warranty against any soap damage on the chemical pump, lines, and nozzles while using LS-600 in the water wash system.
  • LS-600 is a super concentrate All-purpose colloid cleaner Standard dilution rate of 25-1 for normal cleaning!!
  • LS-600 is a safe people friendly cleaner Non-Hazardous,
    No-Silicates, Non-Caustic, No-Enzymes, Non-Explosive,
    No-Nitrates, Non-Toxic, No-Sulfates, Non-Flammable,
    No-Phosphates, Non-Fuming, No-Sulfonates.
  • LS-600 is a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser Mix 1 part water and 1 part super-concentrate for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing Our Virospec® division carries replacement parts for all types of hoodwash systems.
  • Our Blower Balancing and Repair division personnel have over 30 years of repair experience (since 1974) with all types of water wash hoods.



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