KEC Exhaust vent cleaning picture requirements (2018)

Please take the following CLEAR digital pictures in the following order, the first 3 to be taken before job start. Remember that the pictures must tell the story of the job and should clearly walk an inspector through the entire system. Make sure to have the date correct on the camera. Access plates are to be numbered starting from the hood. For more than 1 drop to the hood(s) they are to be numbered from right to left in plenum area.

Pictures required are as follows. (For systems with horizontals, please include a list with picture numbers and location where taken) (See sample pictures (pdf))

1.  Shot of Work Order. Clear shot of the Enviromatic work order showing entire top of work order. You must be able to read the Work order number and date. (take w/o flash)

2.  External Hood/Wall Shot. Complete before pictures showing outside of hood(s), equipment, and back walls.

3.  Before Shots. Complete before pictures of entire roof area around exhaust fans (including fans) from at least 2 opposite sides. including any and all preexisting conditions and/or problems (non-compliance issues).

4.  Additional Before Shots. Any additional before shots you would like to include (not required)

5.  Intake/Outlet/Fan Shots. Shots of the intakes and outlets of all fans cleaned.

6.  Fan Blades/Close Up. Shot of the back of the fan blades for all fans cleaned using close-up mode.

7.  Stacks from Above. Shot down the stacks from the roof (if roof mounted) for all systems cleaned.

8.  After Shot/ViroGuard/Containment. If Viroguard is installed on fan, after shot of ViroGuard showing valve closed and roof clean. (Or, a shot of existing grease containment and rooftop under and around it)

9.  Outside Ductwork/Access Plates. Outside of all ductwork if it has a horizontal (include picture of the top of hood to show if duct leaks (or not) and any access plates from the outside).

*****The following 4 pictures are to apply to each individual access plate:

    a.  Outside of each access plate showing current conditon. If 4 or more access plates, it should include the access plate number on or near the access plate.

    b.  First shot toward fan from inside each access plate.

    c.  Picture showing toward hood for each access plate.

    d.  Shot of the access plate(s) after it is (they are) put back on with all screws/fasteners installed showing current certification sticker dated and initialed. Includes access plate number where there are 4 or more access plates.

10.  Stacks from Below. Shots up the stacks for each vertical from the hood (or down any horizontals from the hood) that clearly see all sides of the entire run from the hood (not just an angle shot). One shot must show hood and duct connection above filter rails.

11.  Inside Chambers/Power-Wash Hoods. Close setting on camera of the inside chambers of any power-wash hoods. (If applicable)

12.  Filter Rails. Complete pictures of the back of the filter rails top and bottom.

13.  Filter Out and Properly in Place w/Sticker. Pictures for the completed hoods with filters out and another with the filters properly in place showing current certification sticker in place.

14.  KEC Job Report. Picture of the KEC job report filled out with what systems were cleaned, any deficiencies found, Fan condition before and after cleaning, etc.

NOTE: The simplest system requires at least 14 pictures, the simplest system with any horizontal requires at least 17 pictures.

15.  Exit Pictures. RECOMMENDED (But not required for inspections): Exit pictures showing all areas cleaned up at end of job.