Product List

ViroGuard™ Rooftop Containment

A heavy duty grease containment solution to properly
collect built up grease in the vent system.

--  FAQ's. Common questions and answers about the
ViroGuard rooftop grease containment equipment.

--  Brochure. Full explanation about the system and how
to order.

--  Measurements. ViroGuard measurements with examples.

--  Proper Measuring. Examples of the proper methods to
measuring for the ViroGuard rooftop system.

--  Specifications. Job specifications for KEC (Kitchen Exhaust

--  Where Does it Go? The water from the cleaning, ideally
goes into a "duckpond" or sewer.

--  Cleaning. A guide for cleaning the Up Blast Fans.

--  Photos: (Pages of several photo examples)
     [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]

--  Installation Instruction Steps:
     [1-3], [4-5], [6-7], [8-12], [13-14]

Virochem Soaps

A large list of soaps, degreasers, and cleaners.

--  LS-600 Colloidal Degreaser. An economical kitchen water-wash hood degreaser soap.

Virospec Products

An assorted list of parts, hinges, plates, filters, globes, pads, cleaners, sealants, etc.

--  Ductmate. Access Plates.
--  Mosmatic. Turbo cleaners, nozzles and car wash parts.
--  Flamegard®. Grease filters, pads and access plates.
--  Kason. Grease filters and sealants.
--  Smith Filter. Grease filters


--  Access Armor. Air duct access doors.
--  Grease Away. Biodegradable rooftop grease neutralizer.
--  Lane Guard. Pavement protection system.
--  Econo Hinge. An economical exhaust fan hinge solution.
--  Super Hinge. A super duty hinge solution.
--  Roof Guardian. Where a grease gutter won't work, the roof guardian is off the roof protection.